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First Presbyterian Church. Who Are We?

People of all ages gather for worship at one of two services in the sanctuary. Some come at 8:30 a.m. for an informal, music-filled early service, while others arrive at 10:30 for a more traditional worship service. We also offer a Sunday School at 9:15 a.m.. Members and friends mingle between services for coffee hour, sharing food and conversation.

Our members are well-educated men and women whose occupations range from professional and managerial positions to business owners and skilled workers. Many are middle aged and older, but the numbers of young adults with children are steadily growing.

We’re a regional church. Our members are from greater Parkersburg and the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Care to read about our history? Believe it or not, but we’ll celebrate our 175th anniversary in 2008.


A Tradition Spanning 170 Years
Drawing on more than 170
years of tradition (we’ll celebrate our 175th anniversary in 2008), we’re a church that hopes to always be in transition, developing new perspectives and new ministries within our congregation and neighborhood as situations and community needs change.

We’re proud of our history of an outstanding music and arts program. Drama, liturgical dance and special music are important to our worship life. We’re also exploring new ways to translate the Gospel message into the language of people of all ages.

We’re excited about our future and our life today.


Thanks for Asking

Interested in finding out more about First Presbyterian Church?

Well, we’re happy to offer you more information.

Find out what’s happening at First Presbyterian Church. Read this month’s News & Views Newsletter. Feel free to explore our web site. Better yet, come visit us in person. Or, you can just click on one of these quick links for specific information:

  • Our building
  • Our staff
  • Our people
  • Our adult outreach
  • Our youth outreach


Presbyterian Primer

Interested in Finding Out More About Presbyterianism?

We’re happy to provide a “Presbyterian Primer” that talks about our history, what a typical worship service is like, the importance of the sacraments, and a little about Jesus:

  • What’s Unique About the Presbyterian Faith?
  • The Brief Statement of Faith
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Where Did the Presbyterian Church Originate?
  • What’s Presbyterian Worship Like?
  • About the Sacraments

Click here to start your Presbyterian History Lesson.